30 Mar 2004

The machine moved to XS4ALL, became Bluebox, and got its first websites to host

1 Jun 2004

Creation of webpages for the domain; publication of account balance

11 Jul 2005

Changed text on 'contributions' page to reflect the current financial situation

Nov 2005

Server slowly crawling to a halt; some services stopped

Apr 2006

Server replaced by faster machine

6 Nov 2006

Some sites offline for 1-2 days because of slowness; offending site spotted and taken care of

28 Mar 2007

Attacker succeeded to deface many websites, which were offline a few days / weeks, followed by implementation of more stringent security measures

7 Feb 2008

Large reshuffle. The server hardware and domain '' stayed together, but its official ownership and IP address changed, along with many hosted sites leaving or coming aboard. The colocation costs and income from its websites have canceled each other out until now, but from now on it seems that its new owner will need to pay a large portion of the costs. The published balance has been removed.

Apr 2009

Another large reshuffle / owner change. Bluebox left its hardware and is now just 'virtual', a collection of (part of the formerly hosted) sites. The 'contributions' page is obsoleted.