Funny thing, Bluebox.
It used to be the shape of a box. (A pizza box, that is.)
It used to be blue. (The shape of the first letter above has a reference to exactly 'which kind of blue'.)
Now it's... nothing. All virtual. Just a collection of ones and zeroes on some hardware which Bluebox' owner has no say over. Funny thing, the 'net these days.

But enough remeniscing...

Bluebox hosts a number of websites, diverse in nature.
Any references to the nature of its websites have been removed from this page, because it has appeared that anything we say could and would be used against its owners, by people who were determined to see negativity and at the same time totally unwilling to review their own words. We do not have stuff to hide per se, but we have better things to do than cater to those 'haters'.

Interested parties are welcome to contact the owners for any information they need, as long as they want to be truthful/constructive.